I've heard about celebrants but don't know very much about what they do. So what exactly is a celebrant?

Well, If you don't fancy a Church or a Registry office ceremony, a celebrant might be for you. Firstly, a celebrant 'led' wedding is informal and light in tone and content. What's more you don't have to have your ceremony in a 'licensed' venue. You can have it in your own front room if you wanted to! So basically a bride and groom have complete control over their own wedding.

But is it legal. I have been told that it isn't?

Yes, absolutely they are. Celebrant weddings have become very popular over the past few years with more and more couples opting for these non - religious, informal and unstuffy ceremonies. In the USA and Australia they are legal to the extent that the marriage certificate you get from the celebrant can be used for any requirement that necessitates a formal piece of ID, such as a passport application. Here in the UK though we haven't quite caught up with that yet and the celebrant marriage certificate cannot be used in the same way. The weddings that we officiate though are entirely legal in every other aspect. The good news however, is that the Government is looking into the celebrant 'way' and a change in the law is under consideration.

Can we decide what form of ceremony we want?

Yes you can. That is the beauty of a celebrant wedding in that, together with the celebrant you have chosen, you get 100% input into the ceremony. You can have readings, poems and music of your choice. Although a marriage ceremony is supposed to be a 'solemn' affair, and of course it is in a church and a registry office, it really shouldn't be so between the celebrant and the bride and groom. All the usual nuptials are there with the exception of the seriously long faces waiting for the "You may now kiss the bride" and the champagne corks ready to pop! Cheers everybody!

But isn't having a Celebrant very expensive?

Making a wedding these days can be horrendously expensive, but my fees are very competitive. They range from £450 to £550 with the average being around the £500 mark. In the end the fee is based on the length of ceremony and the distance from my Essex base. (Upminster). It also reflects the content within the ceremony itself. My fee includes creating and delivering the ceremony and ensuring that even a guest whose first language isn't English, will be understand and enjoy. However, mindful of the cost of a wedding these days my fee can be paid by instalments which allows my clients to spread the cost over a number of months.

How about our vows and the exchange of rings? And what if we don't actually want to give each other rings?

Your vows are sacred and special to you, but again, if you don't want traditional, you can make up your own, or I can write new vows for you. Up to you. And if you don't want to exchange rings, then well ... don't! You see the beauty of a celebrant wedding is that there are NO rules; except one: The Bride and Groom rule! Your wedding your way. Simple. But these questions can and will be answered once we sit down and talk through it.

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Andrew Leonard, Celebrant, Wedding Ceremonies, Civil Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows, London
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Andrew Leonard, Funeral Ceremonies, London
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